The bewitching of a young Indiana girl

a brief charm

stabbing so genuinely

touching me like a lady

like I meant something

to you (for an instant)

in your hard wood apartment

with your delivery sushi and hot tea

telling me that you would take care of the parking ticket

but now I comprehend

this was false

the sting of your disloyalty takes me and

moves me.

I asked to come to Chicago

to visit you but you told me you were busy

with work.

Or perhaps another girl.

though I know

I should not be astounded

and that I should not be troubled

it was only a little charm

that you cast on me like words sprinkled on the page to hypnotize

and this spell of your charm

and has been broken

from your cruel embrace of indifference.

Just because you fight for our country doesn’t mean you can be an asshole.

Thank you.
Planes fly
Back to places where people belong
Left from the place that loved you
small town Indiana
Notes; phone call
None of the above
American to Qatar
Brain mashed like your tiny bag of nuts
Drink? She asks
Yes, you’ll take one
but I’ve been drinking since you left
The heaviest stuff possible.
the plane lifts off

Puerto Vallarta

it burns
looking over to the hard rocks
waves endlessly crashed on
bitter water slamming
all over

it aches
wanting you to emerge, to show
from those rocks to hurry
the rough surface, hot sand
to make love

it stung
the hot sand lay under my hands
beads scratching the soft parts
while I waited and looked
and waited

it stays
my imprint is still on the beach
looking and still waiting
for you to come over
to take me