It's My Birthday!

Yes, today is my birthday. I am officially old. Ha! To celebrate my birthday I have decided to post a couple of my favorite poems from my favorite poet, Tim Dlugos. I randomly found his work in a poetry anthology and have been in love with all his poems ever since! So, take a read and let me know what you think! 

waking to 
rain and
still being
drunk and
trying again
to fuck before
the bus came 

This will be the last time I set down 
in writing a request for your watery 
gaze. I want it to be there, mostly;
not to set it on my dresser next to
the cactus and telephone, nor save it 
for the year you will spend in the mountains.
I am afraid it will fade with your tan
which will take a long time to go away.
There us no well I can think of
as colorful in its darkness as your eyes:
whatever I look down I want to see them
endless and reflecting, but am unwilling
to take them outside of  your face, in which
you make me travel the whole route between us,
the distance of my poems and desires. So
this is goodbye, the last time I plead
that you keep the sparkle always there by leaving,
and that you wake beside me every morning forever
to show me what good today can possibly bring.